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The history of color changing mug
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The history of color changing mug
Color changing meterial was invented by Janpan MASTUI company in 1972.
It was using for textile fabrics and children toys.
In 1980 sonth Korea & Taiwan introduced color changing meterial into many fields processing production.
Color changing mug is the most successful project of adhibition.
Ate the end of 1989, following China Mainland strong economic development, Many Taiwan’s Industriy transfer to Mainland. Color changing technology introduced to mainland production.
After a period groping, processing improved step by step.
Color changing mug , color changing products obtain ample developing. In this industry, shenzhen biansebao arts & crafts factory, Guangzhou changcheng procelain co. ltd; Beijin Qianhan industry company made huge contribution. Especially Guangzhou Changing porcelain co., ltd,  Made great contribution at design poducts, and other craft developing, and improving the quality.
Guangzhou changcheng porcelain’s brand Mugkiss famous for high quality raw materials, full range of specificationssizes,great variety of designscolours.
If you want to see color changing mug the latest development of new technologies, just visit Changcheng porcelain Co., Ltd, everythings there Now, color changing mug is very popular in the domestic market, accord with young people love to change, easy to change the trend of The Times, color changing mugs, transfer love and happiness, make you live more color full.
The mugs at right side are before color changing, the image at left side is after we putting hot water.  
The glasses at right side are before color changing, the image at left side is after we putting cold drink.


view Create Published:2011-2-16 17:18:02 Print Page
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